Donate a Bunny Package

Types of packages:

The packages were created in a way that allows everyone to donate a Bunny Package, regardless of the contents of their wallets.

  • Apple package – 10 zł (approx. 2,5 euro) – it allows us to buy 3 kilograms of apples that may be devoured by the residents of the Sanctuary (we also hide pills in apples but don’t tell this to our rabbits!).
  • Dill package – 20 zł (approx. 5 euro) – it allows us to buy 10 bunches of dill that improves the mood of our rabbits and is a source of happiness. Let the Sanctuary fill with the smell of fresh dill!
  • Herbs package – 50 zł (approx. 12,5 euro) – it is enough to buy 10 packages of dried herbs that are so vital in the diet of bunnies, heal their tummies and are very tasty! Omnomnom.
  • Layette package – 100 zł (approx. 25 euro) – it is enough to provide herbs, hay and wood pellets for a foster home for two months. The Sanctuary couldn’t exist without foster homes and the bunnies wouldn’t have wonderful homes so it’s essential to support foster homes!
  • Healthy rabbit package – 200 zł (approx 50 euro) – it covers the costs of blood test, neutering/spaying and trimming the teeth (if it’s necessary) as well as the expenses of the postoperative care. Healthy rabbit can be adopted and enjoy his or her new forever home. Hoorah!
  • Special package – 500 zł (approx. 125 euro) – it allows to support a chronically ill rabbit like Duszek or Niezapominajka for half of a year. In case of this package, it’s important to tell us for which rabbit it’s intended. Special needs bunnies will be very grateful!
  • Diamond package – 1000 zł  (approx. 250 euro) – this is a sum of money that will allow us to take care of an emergency case or unplanned intervention. This is a sum that would save our cotton nails in difficult situations and that would give us a sense of security. There is no need for words – it’s simply a lot of money for us!

You can make a donation to our bank account:

Fundacja Azyl dla Krolikow
ul. Agrestowa 22
87-100 Torun

IBAN: PL72 1440 1387 0000 0000 1533 1348

or you can make a transfer to PayPal

our e-mail is:

Thank you for your help!

Bunny Package

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